Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Something wicked this way comes

Lime Crime Wicked
Lime Crime Wicked

Ok, let's be honest. I love all the shades of Lime Crime’s The Clueless Witch Collection
You will probably know that I’m a huge fan of their Velvetines. I already did a review on Red Velvet, Suedeberry and Pink Velvet and since these were the only shades available prior their Clueless Witch Collection, it’s not hard to notice that I’m crazy for these liquid lipsticks. 

The only reason I didn’t order Black Velvet and Salem (the two other shades of Lime Crime’s new collection) is because I managed to stop myself from spending too much money. 
I LOVED Salem (matte chocolate brown) on Doe Deere. I think it looks gorgeous with her blue hair but I feared that this brown shade would give me a 1990’s look. 
Black Velvet (matte black) seems to be awesome. I’m searching for a black lipstick since forever. Actually Stiletto (also by Lime Crime) was on my wishlist but since I’m a huge fan of matte lipsticks, Black Velvet has eliminated Stiletto. ;) Although I didn’t order Black Velvet and Salem, they are still both on my wishlist and I want to get them sooner or later. 

Let’s talk about Wicked. It is described as a matte burgundy red and well, that’s what it is. It’s a very deep burgundy “velvet” color and it’s gorgeous! 
The quality is great as usual and the formula goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Perfect! 
I have to say, the only thing I don’t like about it (and the other Velvetines) is the scent. I can’t stand it. I’m glad that the scent vanishes when it dries matte, so it’s not a big problem. 
However I noticed this scent on Pink Velvet for the first time. My Suedberry and Red Velvet Velvetines are old ones (with the carousel design and not the new ones with the roses on it). I didn’t realized this scent on my old ones. Maybe something changed with the design? I need a new Red Velvet and I wonder if I will notice a difference. 

As with the other Velvetines, Wicked is waterproof and very long lasting. However I have to touch it up after eating. It’s not a big thing but if you want to have it “perfect” I would recommend to check your lips after eating. Apart from this, Wicked looks beautiful the whole day. 
It is a bit dry but not drier than the other Velvetines I tried so far and I’m okay with that. I love matte lips and I don’t care if my lips are a bit dry every now and then ;) You have to make compromises. 

Lime Crime Wicked Red Velvet
Wicked, Red Velvet
Lime Crime Wicked

Lime Crime Wicked

Lime Crime Wicked

All things considered I am very happy with this new shade and as with Red Velvet I will definitely purchase it again and again. Wicked is a beautiful dramatic shade and the quality is very good. Every girl needs at last one (or ten ;) gorgeous dark red lipstick(s) and this is a great one.

Much love,

Friday, April 4, 2014

What Katie Did Giveaway

What Katie did Giveaway

Vanessa Frankenstein What Katie Did

The heart of every pinup girls (or vintage lovers) wardrobe will probably be vintage styled lingerie. It is the basis of an authentic and perfect retro/vintage outfit. 
Most lovers of vintage and lingerie will probably be familiar with What Katie Did since it is the leading brand of vintage inspired lingerie. Of course I am a fan myself. It’s quite impossible to not love women in retro lingerie - like Michelle Williams in My week with Marilyn – oh my! 

Vanessa Frankenstein What Katie Did
Regarding this, I am so excited to host a What Katie Did giveaway. You have the chance to win their fantastic new Eartha set (the one I am wearing on the pictures) and a pair of Retro Seamed Stockings. The Eartha set is avaiable for summer 2014 only and is part of their Gold Label Lingerie. It comprises a Cathedral Bra, High waist knickers and a Suspender Belt. 

 Vanessa Frankenstein What Katie Did 

The Eartha Bra is a cathedral boned bra which features 1950's style boning and contrasting circle stitching. It is not too pointy (like the bullet bra), but pointy enough to give you that 50’s vintage look. I have to say I love this cathedral boned bra. It makes me feel glamorous but it is extremely comfortable at the same time. It looks like a million dollar but you can easily wear it every day if you want to. 

The matching deep vintage inspired knickers are made from black satin and lightly shaping powermesh for a fantastic fit and comfort. I love all my What Katie did knickers. They are flattering and nice to wear and so are these Eartha knickers. 

The Eartha suspender belt is a four strap suspender belt in sheer black satin and cheetah print. It is taken from a vintage 1950’s design and it is simply beautiful. During the fifties most suspender belts had 4 clips and I am definitely a fan of it! As with the bra, this suspender belt will make you look glamorous while being super comfortable. You will definitely feel like a seductive siren wearing it under your pencil skirt. 

Last but not least you will need some stockings for your suspender belt. The winner can choose a pair of the range of Retro Seamed Stockings from What Katie Did. I love the quality of these stockings. They are perfect for a special occasion or for every day wear.
(I'm wearing the Retro Contrast Seamed Stockings in nude with black seam.)

To enter head over to the giveaway page at What Katie Did and fill out the form. The Giveaway starts now and ends on the 11th of April, midnight (BST)
The winner will be picked at random and the prize will be sent out by What Katie Did. 

Vanessa Frankenstein What Katie Did

Good luck my loves! 

Photography by Nora Lovely Photography
Hair and makeup by me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Once upon a... SALE

Haul Sale

Miss L Fire Vee Eight

Once upon a time (in January) most online shops had a seasonal clearance sale. I really wanted to post this “haul” post since all the pretty things arrived but somehow it took some time. However I mostly bought summer clothes. I wasn’t able to wear them up to now and that’s why they are still new to me. 
Some of the pieces had been on my wishlist for a while and some other things just ended up in my shopping cart because of their fantastic price. I ordered at Miss L Fire, Pinup Girl Clothing, I Love Vintage and Tara Starlet. I also bought some things second hand at eBay and Kleiderkreisel. 

Well let’s start with the things I got at Pinup Girl Clothing. You may or may not already know that I’m crazy for Deadly Dames tiger print. I already had the tiger print vamp dress in M (you can see it on the banner of my blog) and since it was too big I took it in and made a top and a skirt out of it. So in January, I ordered the dress in S because it was somehow annoying that there was a gap between the top and the skirt when I put them on together. 
I also got the vamp top in black. This one was on my wishlist, too. It’s my third Vamp Top and I can’t say how much I love them. I wish I had it in even more color ways. I really hope it will be back in peach some time. 
The last thing I got at Pinup Girl Clothing is the Marilyn Knit Top in Black (from Heartbreaker). I wanted this one for a long long time because it reminds me of Sandy’s top in the last scene of Grease. I will definitely pair it with my black Deadly Dames Capri as soon as the weather will be better. 

At Tara Starlet I got the striped Pedal Pushers in white. Oh my! These pants are amazing! I love high waisted pants and mostly wear Jeans or the cropped ones by Laura Byrnes California. I’ve never tried Tara Starlet trousers before but since I love the fit of these Pedal Pushers I really want to try some more. They are not available these days but I hope they will return in more color ways.

Pinup Girl Clothing Tara Starlet
Deadly Dames Vamp Dress in tiger print, Deadly Dames Vamp Top in black, Heartbreaker Marylin Knit Top in black, Tara Starlet striped Pedal Pushers
At Miss L Fire (UK shop) I bought the Vee Eight open toe shoe in red. They are too cute! They have a bow and an ankle strap and are super comfortable. They are basically a 50’s diner in a shoe. I’m so excited to have them. Moreover I think they are true to size, especially compared to my other Miss L Fire shoes which run very small. 
I got the last ones but I'm pretty sure they will return some day.

At eBay I found the pants of my dreams: the Deadly Dames cigarette pants in tiger print. I already told you that I’m on the waiting list since forever. Pinup Girl Clothing told me that they are hoping to get them back in all sizes this fall (!). Well, but I’m one lucky gal. I found them on eBay Germany (and there are nearly no Deadly Dames products at all on eBay). I was so excited, I can’t even describe it. Well I got them in M (there was no other option anyway) and took them in at the waist. Now they fit perfectly! They are so gorgeous! I love the fit (and the print of course). The length is perfect because I can wear them the whole year round. The Laura Byrnes trousers are too short to wear them in winter, so the Cigarette Pants are a great option when the weather is cold. I’d love to have them in other color ways. 

At Kleiderkreisel I indulged my passion for black and white polkadots and bought the Brigit Dress by Bettie Page Clothing and the Wanda Top by Collectif. I love the fit of this Bettie Page dress. It’s cute but also very casual and cool (well as casual as you can get wearing pinup clothes). Can’t wait for summer to finally wear it. 
The Wanda Top was on my wishlist for a long time and since Collectif does not offer it on the online shop anymore it’s quite difficult to find. I was lucky and got it in mint condition. 
Last but not least, I ordered at I Love Vintage and got this awesome little sixties skirt, called the “Twiggy Skirt”. It’s an A-line skirt made of 100% recycled vintage fabrics.It’s on top of their Sustainability Pyramid. They have a lot of styles in their Twiggy Skirts and each one is a single copy. I got mine in XS (I just loved the print) and it runs true to size. 

Miss L Fire Vee Eight
Miss L Fire Vee Eight
Deadly Dames Bettie Page Clothing Collectif Bannou
Miss L Fire Vee Eight in red, Deadly Dames Cigarette Pants in tiger print, Bettie Page Brigit Dress, Bannou Twiggy Skirt, Collectif Wanda Top
I will definitely post some pictures of me wearing all these pretty new things. If you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook you won’t miss it! ;) 

Much love,

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Inspire me - Sadie Frost as Lucy Westenra

Inspire Me Lucy
Sadie Frost as Lucy Westenra

Lucy Westenra Dracula Coppola

Inspire me will be a new category on my blog where I can talk about people, movies, music, etc. that keep inspiring me. I think this is very exciting because I get inspired by SO many things every day of my life. The way I dress or the way I do my hair is a result of so many influences which are worth to be named here. There is no ranking or something like that. I’m just going to talk about issues that come to my mind.

Lucy Westenra Dracula Coppola
Sadie Frost as Lucy with Winona Ryder as Mina Harker

 This time, it’s Sadie Frost as Lucy Westenra in Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker's Dracula from 1992. 
Let’s just start by saying that I love Bram Stoker’s novel. It’s actually one of my favorite novels of all time. Coppola’s movie is my favorite adaption of the novel because unlike all the others it really tells (well more or less) what the novel is about. 
Lucy Westenra Dracula Coppola
Sadie Frost and Coppola
 Gary Oldman is rad as the monstrous Count Dracula. I love his hairstyle in the beginning of the movie. Moreover Coppola’s Dracula is full of amazing costumes, for example Draculas red armour and all dresses worn by Lucy and Mina. 
Well despite Oldman’s fantastic performance my favorite character has to be Lucy Westenra. She is the red-headed seductive siren. Coppola eroticized her much further than her literary incarnation but you know… Read between the lines of the novel and you know what Coppola is talking about. ;) 
Lucy Westenra Dracula Coppola

Lucy Westenra Dracula Coppola

I love everything about Lucy. She is not only beautiful but also a very interesting character. The way she drives all men mad with her naughty attitude is just hilarious. 
I always loved the scene (since I was a little teenage girl) in which Lucy sleepwalks in the garden in her amazing red nightgown. I found it on YouTube and though the quality is horrible one can still see how fantastic this scene is. 

But let’s not forget her last scene when she is already transformed into a vampire and is wearing this incredible wedding gown. How can someone not fall in love with her? I mean, honestly. :) 
Lucy Westenra Dracula Coppola

Lucy Westenra Dracula Coppola

Sadie Frost will definitely be my favorite Lucy until the end of time.
 Are you a Dracula fan, too?

Vanessa Frankenstein Lucy Westenra Creep Street
Fangirling in my Lucy Shirt by Creep Street

Much love,

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hello Captain!

SP573 - Handmade in Milano

Vanessa Frankenstein SP573

 SP573 is an Italian label specialized in vintage inspired accessories. It was founded in 2008 and was totally new to me when lovely Stefania (founder and owner) contacted me a few weeks ago. 
Everything you can get in her Etsy shop is handmade. 
There are cute brooches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hats, earrings, headbands and more. Girls who love the fifties, pinups, rockabilly or psychobilly will definitely find some cute pieces in the varying collections. 
I decided to go for one the new anchor/swallows necklaces. I loved the traditional blue/white color way. However this one is also available in red/white and back/red. 
This necklace is too cute. It’s a beautiful companion for every day. 
I’m actually enthusiastic about the great quality and the lovely packaging. These accessories have to be made with love! 
I really think that SP573 offers a lot of cute accessories for a favorable price. You won’t get some plastic crap that will break after wearing it once. (I just made that experience with a different label. This sucks.) 
Well, this necklace is different. The material feels great! I’m going to wear this delicate necklace a lot.

You can find SP573 at Facebook and on Etsy.

SP573  Handmade in Milan
Vanessa Frankenstein SP573
Vanessa Frankenstein SP573
Vanessa Frankenstein SP573
Vanessa Frankenstein SP573

Much love,

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ahoy Daisy Dapper!

Daisy Dapper

Daisy Dapper
Daisy Dapper is an adorable 1950’s inspired Swedish label I discovered last year. I already talked about their Megan dress last November. (Have a look if you haven’t seen it! ;) The Megan dress in black is from their recent fall/winter collection. 
Now I got the chance to do another review about three more outfits from this collection. I choose two dresses, a skirt and a matching top which can be worn the whole year through. As with the Megan dress in black, these Daisy Dapper products impress with their amazing quality. 
I choose the Debbie dress (black/white checked), the Betty Lou Sailor dress (black/white) and the Wanda pencil skirt and matching top (navy/white). Of course you can get them in different color ways. Well, let’s go into detail!


Daisy Dapper Debbie

The Debbie dress is an elegant hourglass shaped dress with a highlighted waist and a cute bow detail. It’s rushed at the bust and has a slit and a zipper at the back. It’s available in rose red and brown checked but there will be even more color ways in the upcoming spring/summer collection. (So excited!) 
Debbie is elegant but the checked pattern adds a cool undertone. You can wear this dress with cute pumps or you can wear it with a leather jacket and some flats, which I’m going to do as soon as the weather gets warmer. That’s what I love about Debbie. She is so versatile! I feel comfortable and sexy at the same time wearing this dress. 
(I’m wearing XS and it’s true to size.)

Daisy Dapper Debbie

Betty Lou Sailor

Daisy Dapper BettyLou

The Betty Lou Sailor dress is a cutie pie and it is amazingly comfortable! It has short sleeves, a cute collar with a bow and striped details. It is also available in red/white and navy/white. 
The Betty Lou Sailor is a perfect dress for every day. It is cute (but not too cute), figure loving and extremely comfortable. I decided to go for the black one because it has a Tim Burton twist (I love that). I will definitely also combine this dress with flats for everyday use. I actually can’t describe how much I love Betty Lou. She sure is a solid companion for every occasion. 
(I’m wearing XS and my Laura Byrnes canvas underskirt underneath. It’s true to size.)

Daisy Dapper BettyLou

Daisy Dapper Wanda

The Wanda pencil skirt with matching top/jacket is a Pan Am inspired ladies’ suit with a white trim, covered buttons and a back slit. It is also available in red/white and black/white. 
This outfit is so classy! I actually feel like a 1950’s stewardess wearing it. However, the top looks also gorgeous with pants and I’m pretty sure the skirt will look cute with a lot of other tops. I love the fit of the jacket. It’s extremely figure-loving and will give you a perfect hourglass shape. 
(Skirt XS, top S, true to size)

Daisy Dapper Wanda

I'm definitely going to wear all three outfits the whole year through because of their amazing quality, their fantastic design and the way they make me feel comfortable while looking cute. 
I’m honesty delighted by Daisy Dapper’s amazing quality and fit. I can’t help loving these outfits. Get your hands on Daisy Dapper if you haven’t already! Honestly. 

You can shop Daisy Dapper online (They also have a lot of retailers. You can check the list here) or in their store in Stockholm.

Much love,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Clip-In Affaire

lip in extensions

Clip-in Extensions Bangs
wearing my clip-in bangs and clip-in extensions

I really loved the idea of my clip-in bettie bangs. There are times I want to get my bettie bangs back (so bad). I’m pretty sure all of you are familiar to this. Growing your bangs out and then, as soon as it’s long enough, you want it back. Stupid! 
So I nearly found my freedom with my clip-in bangs. Nearly because I’m not over any “I want to cut my hair – attacks”. Well, since my hair is growing and growing these days I thought about how nice it could be to switch to long hair sometimes. 
I’m a shilly-shally gal when it comes to hair decisions. This can be extremely annoying. One day I want a sexy Bettie Page hairstyle, the other day I want to have Diana Dors’ glamorous hair and sometimes I want a nifty all American look like Reese Witherspoon in Pleasantville (she is GORGEOUS in this movie!). So, as you can see… This is quite impossible. 
Anyway I found a way to go for all these hairstyles. My hair has a great length for a lot of fifties hairstyles (including the Pleasantville-Softies-hairstyle ;). Well, all these short hairstyles are the reason why I cut my hair. However I already had my clip-in bangs. I did a review on this one and a tutorial on a Wanda Woodward inspired hairstyle. If you’re interested, have a look. 
But for the sexy, bad girl - hot rod honey – rockabilly chick (you know what I mean) my hair was not long enough. That’s why I recently bought some clip-in extensions! 
These are just like my bettie bangs (with clips) and extremely easy to use. I bought them at the same shop where I bought the bangs because I really liked the quality. Unfortunately it's a german shop but they are really close to where I live. I love that. I just get in my car and visit them in their shop.
 It’s a 3piece set with a length of 40-45cm / 15,7’’-17,7’’. I paid 60 Euro (I’m lucky enough to have some connections) but the original price is 83,97 Euro (ca. $ 114). I think this is a fair price for real hair. It’s a small one, a middle one and a big one. 
As I already mentioned before, it is really important to buy high quality human hair. 

Clip-in Extensions
That's the color I bought.

Clip-in Extensions

Clip-in Extensions
the color

Clip-in Extensions
Dying the hair

Clip-in Extensions
Bildunterschrift hinzuf├╝gen
Since I couldn’t (and will probably never) find hair in my color I bought a light blonde shade (as I did with the bangs) and dyed it to my color. I had to experiment a bit because this hair is not mine and color uses to vary on different hair. The results may be different depending on the hair. However it turned out pretty good in the end. All I had to do now is cut the hair-ends because they were quite thin.

Say 'Hello' to Boris
As you can see on the crappy picture of me standing in front of the mirror (my best pic so far) my hair is very thick. I haven’t teased it or something like that. It’s just natural and not brushed at all. :D Sorry sorry sorry. The extensions are actually too thin for me. It’s not enough hair so I can’t wear them with straight hair. This looks just stupid. However I never wear my hair straight and when my hair is curled, the extensions (also curled) blend in. Even though it’s not enough hair, you can’t see it and it looks very natural. 

and another crappy pic... Getting some curls.

Clip-in Extensions
That's where I clip in the extensions. The small one on top and the big one in the middle. The middle size is the lowest.
I’m very happy with these new clip-in extensions. They are so comfortable to wear and you can easily use them yourself. You don’t need any help to get them on.
What do you think about clip-in extensions?

Much love,
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